Are You Wearing Mom Jeans?

April 24, 2013

SNL Mom JeansMarin Mommies presents a guest article by fashion expert Katie Rice Jones.

Finding the perfect jeans to fit and flatter has never been an easy task, however it seems to get monumentally harder after entering Mommydom. From grappling with body shape changes to general weight gain to diminished time, energy, and money to devote to the sassy jean cause, shopping for a new pair can be a real chore. These constraints coupled with a perplexing myriad jean cuts, styles, rises, and rinses, it’s really no wonder moms throw up their hands and go baggy. However, throwing on a pair of mom jeans can be the first step down a slippery fashion slope leading to the acquiescence of other mom-ish looks such as white trainers, fanny packs, polos, leatherette handbags, thin braided leather belts, and alma mater sweatshirts. With a bit of effort and styling know-how this downward spiral can easily be prevented.

The first important step is to recognize if you have succumbed to mom jeans. This is done by perusing your closet and looking for the following combination of denim styling.

  • Relaxed leg cut which slightly tapers to the ankle (accentuates girth of upper thigh)
  • Medium-high rise (visually protrudes lower belly)
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