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Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center Now Open in San Anselmo

October 1, 2012

Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center San AnselmoParents and parents-to-be in Marin have another valuable resource with the opening of Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center in San Anselmo. Located in the heart of downtown San Anselmo, Pomegranate is a sanctuary for expecting and new families in the area, offering prenatal yoga and other movement classes, birth and parenting education programs and workshops, community resources, a mama boutique and more.

Parents can drop in for a class at the center for $18, or become a Pomegranate member and enjoy unlimited yoga and childcare. Monthly memberships cost $89 and include unlimited yoga and movement classes, free childcare (offered Thursdays and Fridays), and discounts on classes, workshops, and purchases in the boutique.

Come check out Pomegranate at their grand opening celebration this Saturday, October 6, from 11 am to 2 pm. Enjoy live music, face and belly painting, family yoga, and mini spa treatments.

Eight Easy and Effective Tips for Healthy Glowing Skin

September 24, 2012

Aging progressionMarin Mommies presents a guest article by skin care expert, fashion blogger, and local mom Stephanie Wong.

Did you know that 80% of aging is due to environmental factors? Only 20% of aging is due to genetics. You can take small steps today to prevent the signs of aging. Remember these eight tips to keep the wrinkles away!

  1. Don’t sip through a straw. The pucker shape of your lips can increase the tiny lines around your lips. A sip from a straw now and then is ok, but drinking from a straw every day straw can lead to wrinkles.
  2. Sleep on your back. By sleeping on your side for eight hours a night, every night causes the creases to become permanent wrinkles on your face. Prevent the face plant in your pillow and train yourself to sleep on your back.
  3. Shade your eyes. With a pair of oversized sunglasses you’ll prevent UV rays from blasting the delicate skin around your eyes and hence, increase the effects of aging. Sunglasses also prevent squinting which cause, you guessed it—more wrinkles! That said, wear your shades even on cloudy days.

Introduce Your Preschooler to Yoga at the Parents Place in San Rafael

August 29, 2012

Looking for a yoga class for your little one? Check out Yoga for Kids at the Parents Place in San Rafael. Yoga for Children is for kids ages 2-1/2 to 5 years, and meets Fridays mornings from 11 to 11:45 am.

This four-week series runs from September 7 to 28 and includes a playful interpretation of classical yoga poses with songs, stories, movement, and quiet breath awareness practices. Parents are welcome to participate alongside their little yogis, if they like (parental supervision is required). This introduction to yoga is both fun and educational and helps build concentration and mindfulness in preschool-aged children.

The class is taught by Juliana Birnbaum Fox, MA, a certified doula, midwife assistant, and perinatal yoga instructor. Attendees should wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch in and bring a yoga mat.

The Value of Vulnerability

August 17, 2012

Marin Mommies presents a guest article by Melissa Lapides, Marin mom, licensed marriage and family therapist, and parent educator.

Becoming a mother is a life-changing event for many people and usually women don’t know exactly what to expect. Many times you imagine your life as a mother based on stories you have heard from other women, media or your own relationship with your mother. You hear about the joys of motherhood, you hear about the changes in your relationships, you may even hear about how big of a transformation motherhood could be.

It is not always though that you hear the depths of how intense it is to devote yourself so deeply to another human being. Mothering is truly a deep practice of patience and compassion. Being able to nurture your children in such a way can be completely depleting at times. This is hard for most mothers to admit to one another.

Mothering is a practice of constant balancing and making sure not just the basic survival needs of the children are getting met, but also the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Day in and day out of problem solving, nurturing and giving so much of yourself can be quite a task.

Join the Marin Alternative Mothers Group for their 2nd Annual Anniversary Picnic this Weekend

July 27, 2012

The Marin Alternative Mothers Group (MAMG) provides a community for like-minded parents interested in non-mainstream birthing and parenting. Find out more about the MAMG at their second annual Anniversary Picnic this Sunday, July 29 from 1–5 pm at Santa Margarita Valley Park in San Rafael.

Bring the family for face painting, a raffle, a silent auction, live music, and much, much more. Some of this year's fantastic silent auction prizes include a gift basket from Navitas Foods and gift certificates from Bella Boutique, Mama Massage, Mozart's Cleaning Team, Harbinger Cafe meal delivery, and Laura Kudritzki Photograpy. Bring your own picnic, blanket, and chairs, and come join in the fun.

MAMG was founded by Marin mom Ozzie Ozkay-Villa—whose son was born at home in 2010—after she wasn't able to find exactly what she was looking for through existing local mother's groups. She and her fellow MAMG moms have found that surrounding themselves with like-minded women who support their decisions about childbirth and parenting gives them a strong sense of empowerment and community. "When we get a new pregnant mom in MAMG I feel over-joyed because I know she will find the support that I didn't have," says Ozkay-Villa. "Every once in a while I have a mom email me and say something like "I found my people" and it just makes my day."

Bye-Bye Mommy Pouch

May 29, 2012

SpanxMarin Mommies presents a guest post by fashion stylist and mom Katie Rice Jones.

The last thing you want to be asked just after giving birth is, “When are you due?” No one who was just pregnant wants to still look pregnant. However for a short while during post, you still do. The key to limiting the annoying question above is to diminish what I call the “mommy pouch” (residual baby weight that collects around your waistline) with the right clothing and shape wear. Here’s what I recommend.

Camouflage the pouch with clothing…

  • Sleeved wrap. This must-have piece can be fashioned over ten ways to disguise the belly. Plus it poses as an elegant breastfeeding drape. Find it at DKNY.com

Women’s Health Lecture Series by Dr. Lisa Brent

October 11, 2011

Join Dr. Lisa Brent on the second Tuesday of each month for discussions that focus on the most relevant health issues for women today. These one-hour classes will include a lecture, hand-outs and time for questions. Classes begin at 6 pm and take place at the Marin Natural Medicine Clinic, located at 265 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 201, in Larkspur. RSVP to (415) 945-3213 or drbrent@marinnaturalmedicine.com.

Dr. Lisa Brent is a naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist, and Marin mom who specializes in natural gynecology and women’s health at Marin Natural Medicine Clinic. She has more than ten years of experience providing holistic gynecological care, fertility enhancement and hormonal support for women in all stages of their reproductive lives.

Topics for this series include:

  • October 11—Natural Approaches to Fertility Enhancement
  • November 8—PMS and Painful Periods: Alternatives to Medication
  • December 13—A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Menopause
  • January 10, 2012—Weight Loss and the HCG Diet

Doulas and the Childbirth Process

August 22, 2011

Marin Mommies is excited to present another guest article by a Marin County professional: aromatherapist, bodytherapist, birth doula, and childbirth educator Samantha Stormer of Sacred Beginnings Birth Services, based in Corte Madera. Ever wondered what exactly a doula does, and whether you need one? Samantha explains what a doula is and the role a doula plays in the childbirth process.

What Is a Doula?

Doula is the Greek term for servant. Throughout thousands of years, women have always been in service of other women to assist during the birth process, providing an intuitive and practical knowledge of just what is needed at the right time.

A birth doula (birth assistant) is a woman in service to the laboring mother and father to provide physical, emotional, and hands-on support from early labor until the baby is born. She delivers continuity of care from home to hospital, easing the transition from home to the hospital environment. Traditionally, in years

Stuck At A Weight Loss Plateau? Bust Through It!

June 7, 2011

Personal training sessionMarin Mommies is pleased to present another guest article by Marin County fitness expert John Spongberg.

When you started your weight loss routine, you knew it would be a process. After all, you didn’t gain the weight overnight. You couldn’t have expected it to come off that fast. Unfortunately, you’ve hit a bump in the road and your motivation level is starting to wane.

How can you get past a weight loss plateau to see the results you really want? First off, don’t give up! You can bust through your obstacle to see the rewards on the other side. The key is in learning how to keep your motivation high through your plateau and continuing to work in the right direction.

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