Spring Cleaning

Getting Organized, Toys and All!

March 29, 2010

With the change in seasons comes the inevitable spring cleaning and the need for organizing the house. Barbara Streckfus, owner of A Space for Everything, a Professional Home Organizing Company, offers some handy tips to help bring some order into your home this spring.

Spring is here and so is that feeling that we should start organizing our belongings in our homes, just like birds nesting in the springtime. You look at the piles on the counters, or the mess in the drawers, and your first question is… where do I begin?

First, you should begin with a game plan. Write down your plan even if it is the “big picture” plan, then add in all the details. Next, prioritize what space is most important to organize. Is it the kids’ rooms? Is it the room for the new baby? Is it designing the family room to be more kid-friendly and adding more shelves to the one shelf/one rod closet?

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