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Ross Valley Charter Opens Fall 2017 for TK-5th Grade

February 21, 2017

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Ross Valley Charter, opening this fall for TK–5th grade at the White Hill School campus in Fairfax.

Enter a Ross Valley Charter kindergarten/first grade classroom and you discover a joyful buzz of activity. Scanning the room, you notice a group of children happily constructing a marble run with blocks and PVC pipes, others playing a math game with a parent, and some outside observing wildlife with magnifying glasses and notebooks. Amidst the action, you locate the teacher, sitting on the rug with a small group of students forming letters on mini chalkboards. A girl approaches: “Would you like to see the painting I’m working on?”

Preschool Profile: Ross Valley Nursery School in Kentfield

February 19, 2013

Ross Valley Nursery SchoolFor over 60 years, Ross Valley Nursery School has been educating little ones in central Marin. Located on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Kentfield, the school offers programs for children ages 2 years 9 months to 5 years of age. We asked Ross Valley Nursery School board member Eliza DeNitto to tell us a bit more about her school. Learn more about the school and its programs at

Please describe your school’s educational philosophy. What’s it all about?

Ross Valley Nursery School (RVNS) is a traditional play-based nursery school where children have the freedom to gleefully enjoy childhood. We foster an environment where children develop positive self-esteem, grow in independence and confidence, learn to give and take turns, learn to get along with others, experience success, and develop self-control.The school emphasizes building confidence, dramatic play, creative expression, intellectual development, group relationships, growth of physical abilities, and most importantly social and emotional development. Children learn, grow, and explore at their own pace, while profiting from the group experience in an environment created expressly for young children.

What does a typical day at your school look like?

The children come into school at 8:45 in the morning (or 1 pm for our Pre-K) and are presented with a variety of teacher run activities of their choice the moment they arrive. Some children want to be busy the second they walk through the doors and some may need more time to adjust and choose a quiet activity to transition into the

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