Maternity Mother Helpers

October 22, 2012

Magic Maternity TubeMarin Mommies presents a guest article by local fashion expert Katie Rice Jones.

Maternity wear is constantly evolving by improving its styling, adaptability, and comfort. Due to this evolution, an impressive crop of new-fangled, maternity-styled, problem-solving gizmos has found its way into the market. I like to call these gizmos “mother helpers”. Some of these helpers aid in smoothing and slimming the pregnant body, while others correct dressing and fit problems associated with pregnancy. Here are some of my favorite mother helpers along with the bump problems they solve.

Problem: Nothing to Wear

Mother Helper Solution: Magic Maternity Tube by Boob Design ($58, pictured)—It’s a skirt. It’s a dress. It’s a top. Actually, it’s all three and then some. Just one Magic Maternity Tube offers a variety of flattering looks that you change up according to your mood or occasion saving you time in the closet and money from your pocket book.

Problem: Saggy, Baggy Maternity Jeans

Mother Helper Solution: Belly Ups Suspenders ($13)—You can avoid pregnant plumber’s butt when you don a pair of handy mini suspenders. Belly Ups attach from your bra to your waistband rendering jean hitching completely unnecessary.

Are You in Fashion Limbo?

March 14, 2012

Marin Mommies presents a guest article by Bay Area fashion stylist Katie Rice Jones.

Those few months just after the birth of your beautiful baby can be trying times especially when it comes to fashion. You feel stuck between wearing your maternity frocks that make you still look pregnant and your pre-baby skinny jeans that make you feel like a stuffed sausage. You’re in a fashion limbo of sorts. However even with your limited clothing options and an abundance of closet confusion you still have to get dressed. So how do you break out of limbo with your style intact?

First—Don’t torture yourself by trying on your pre-baby clothes too soon. Give yourself a break. You didn’t gain the baby weight overnight; you’re not going to lose overnight, either. Rest assured you will be back into your regular clothes soon enough.

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