Four Signs of Secondary Infertility

November 8, 2010

This guest post is from the nurses at Laurel Fertility Care, a local fertility practice with offices in Mill Valley, San Francisco, and Modesto. Visit them online at

As a parent with one or more children, it’s hard to imagine not being able to conceive again. However, secondary infertility is a heartache experienced by many parents. “Often parents have a difficult time knowing whether the challenge for growing their family is just a fluke or a problem,” states Dr. Collin B. Smikle of Laurel Fertility Care, “many say if it happened before, it will happen again and sometimes parents wait too long to find out if there is a problem and their chances of conceiving become even less likely.”

Similar to infertility, there are a few key signs that may signal a higher chance of secondary infertility. These signals include:

  1. Unsuccessful conceiving after trying over six to twelve months: If you have been trying to get pregnant longer than the amount of time it took with previous pregnancies, it’s time to talk to your doctor or a reproductive specialist. Your OB/GYN may be able to give some insight into what’s happening. However, it’s best to visit a reproductive endocrinologist if you have any concerns, especially if the female is over 35.

And Now, What about Mommy?

November 2, 2009

Pilates pregnant woman with exercise ballMarin Mommies is pleased to present another great guest post, this time by Zeina Grifoni MPT, Certified Pilates Instructor and owner—with her husband Tiziano—of Synergy+ Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio.

Pregnancy, birth, and now the aftermath—a beautiful baby, but what about mommy?

Pregnancy and new motherhood are amazing, life-changing experiences. Throughout pregnancy, an OBGYN or midwife makes sure that both mommy and baby are healthy and happy. Once the baby is born and the initial stages of healing are complete, all the attention shifts toward baby. While it is wonderful to focus on baby, many women are left wondering what is happening to mommy!

Nurturing Prenatal Massage Therapy

September 23, 2009

pregnant womanMarin Mommies is pleased to present a guest article by massage therapist, doula, and yoga teacher Elizabeth Shelhart on the many benefits of prenatal massage.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to rapidly adjust to the new levels of hormones circulating throughout her system and her emotional balance is also affected. Throughout pregnancy, a woman’s body changes in ways she never imagined before. Muscles soften, ligaments lengthen, skin stretches, and organs shift around as the baby grows in its underwater home. Pregnancy is by far one of the most transformational experiences a woman will ever go through.

Baby on the Way Pregnancy Organizer

January 16, 2008

When I had my first baby four years ago, I didn’t realize the mountain of paperwork that would come home with me from the hospital. Once I got it home, I tried to figure out where to file it all. Some of it I ended up tossing, some got lost, and some actually got filed. I recently came across the BabyBriefcase, a unique organizer designed to store all your baby’s paperwork—from birth certificate and insurance paperwork to thank-you lists and baby equipment warranties. The easy-to-carry BabyBriefcase also fits into many standard size file cabinets. The BabyBriefcase retails for $29.95.

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