Fall Registration for Shalom Explorers

November 14, 2014

Shalom ExplorersMore Bay Area families are joining together for an exciting learning experience that puts parents in the driver’s seat and offers kids a powerful, fun, and interactive educational environment. Shalom Explorers—a Jewish learning initiative for K–2nd graders that launched last year in Marin, incorporates indoor and outdoor activities based on stories, values, and practices rooted in Jewish tradition.

As a group of Explorer families, parents choose from and customize 34 individual lesson plans. For each learning session, three families choose a role they feel comfortable in—one host, one snack provider, and an educator—and then receive support and materials to carry out the learning journeys for their kids. Parents are transformed from the passive chauffeur dropping off children at a congregation into leading roles in their children's education.

Shalom Explorers for Marin Families

January 14, 2014

Shalom ExplorersHave you heard about Shalom Explorers? It’s a new approach to Jewish Learning for Families with kids in kindergarten and first grade. Shalom Explorers gets your kids out and about while making new friends and learning Jewish values and traditions. If your family is looking for a new way to “do Jewish”, then check it out.

Marin Shalom Explorers welcomes all Jewish and interfaith families in Marin County regardless of background or membership in any organization. Modeled after Scouting, Shalom Explorers is designed to be led by parents. Parents are given the tools and support they need to guide groups through explorations of stories and values that speak to their daily lives and reinforce important ethics.

Expect hands-on indoor and outdoor activities that explore friendship, collaboration, open-mindedness, protecting the environment, community, and helping others through art, drama, nature, team-building, and at-home challenges.

Sign up now to be part of this free pilot session! For more information, contact Aliya Fastman at explorers@jewishlearningworks.org or (510) 292-9562, or visit www.jewishlearningworks.org.

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