The Beautiful History of Tutoring

October 13, 2015

tutorsMarin Mommies presents a sponsored shout-out from Axiom Learning.

Tutoring has some very deep historical roots, even as far back as ancient times. Socrates was a tutor and his pupil, Aristotle, was the tutor of Alexander the Great. In essence, tutoring is an extremely historical method of learning and teaching.

Academies and schools have formed and flourished since ancient times and in the 19th century, tutoring eventually made its way to the budding Western culture.

Tutoring can be compared to a personal trainer but with a purpose to exercise the mind. Tutors inspire through education and open doors to the personal journey in intellectual growth.

Today, the need for tutoring is utilized for many reasons including learning assistance, standardized test preparation and to deepen understanding.

It’s beneficial to learn something new everyday at any stage in life. The world of tutoring opens many doors. The ability to learn one-on-one benefits both the teacher and student.

Tips on Preparing for the SAT

July 24, 2013

mathnasiumMarin Mommies presents a guest post by Scott Rubin of Mill Valley Mathnasium, who offers some tips on prepping your child for the SAT.

When should my child start preparing for the SAT?  How often should they study?  What topics should be reviewed? Should more time be spent on geometry or algebra?  Should I invest money into a crash course offered by a company or get a private tutor? These are valid questions students and parents ask themselves.

Analogies I like to refer to for examples are: When should a baseball player start preparing for his major league debut? When should a musician start preparing for his first concert at Carnegie Hall?  SAT preparation should start in elementary school.  The SAT is an accumulation of math knowledge of your entire school life up to that point.  Sure, some people are naturally good at math and most topics come easy to them but for the vast majority of us, it is a lot of work to master SAT type questions.

Math Tips and More from Mathnasium of Mill Valley

January 27, 2013

mathnasiumMarin Mommies presents a guest post by Scott Rubin of Mill Valley Mathnasium, featuring a great math tip for parents, a math joke, and a math question.

Math Tip

Why do parents read to their children, but not do "math" with their children?  Many parents feel uncomfortable with speaking "math" and lack confidence in their own math aptitude. Simple number counting goes a long way, especially at a very impressionable young age. You can start at any age, even as early as one year old.  Count from 1 to 10 by ones and twos. Also, count up to 20, 30, etc. and count by threes, fours, etc.

Count by ones while handing a ball to your child then subtract one while taking a ball back. Be creative, because you can make a difference in your child's "math" life with these simple techniques.

Math Question

Today, Jenny picked 8 flowers. Yesterday, she picked 3 more flowers than she picked today. How many total flowers did Jenny pick yesterday and today combined?

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