Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Child Is the First Important Step in Your Family's Educational Journey!

November 16, 2017

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Osher Marin JCC Preschools.

The JCC Preschools recognize the uniqueness of each child and foster their natural curiosities while supporting families to create a strong sense of community and lifelong friendships.

At our JCC Preschools we are dedicated to provide a warm, nurturing educational environment whose philosophy and approach to curriculum are guided by our values.

ShevaWe are a Sheva school!

Sheva (the number seven in Hebrew) has extraordinary power in Jewish thought and practice.

It is the name of the JCCs of North America Early Learning Framework and signifies the seven core elements of exemplary early childhood practice deeply rooted in the latest research on child development seen through a Jewish lens.


  1. Children are constructivist learners

  2. Early childhood educators are professionals

  3. Families are engaged partners

  4. Classrooms are inspiration for inquiry

  5. Preschoolers take care of their bodies

  6. Directors are visionaries

JCC Preschools are open to the entire community.

Visit us today to begin your child's journey of learning, exploration, and growth, and immerse your entire family in our warm and welcoming community.

“We are here to do,
And through doing to learn;
And through learning to know;
And through knowing
To experience wonder;
And through wonder to obtain wisdom.”

Pirkei Avot