Hello Ladies!

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I am a first time expectant mom and am due in December. It would be great to meet and get to know other mommies-to-be and mommies in general within the community.

Let's join forces and coordinate a warm and inviting get together soon!

On a side note, I am also interested in joining a pre-natal yoga class; any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much and hope to connect with you soon!

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First Time mommy-to-be - 12/31/12 due date


I saw your post and was very excited to see someone else in the area that is expecting the same time as me. I'm a first time mom as well, due NYE, so would love to schedule a meet-and-greet.

I'm really interested in meeting other working mommies-to-be that plan on going back to work after baby arrives, so if you or anyone else you know is in a similar situation please let me know.

Hoping to network and meet someone that would be interested in a nanny-share...

thank you!


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Hey! So I´m also a first


So I´m also a first time mommy-to-be, due on February. I´m from Costa Rica and been living in Marin for a bout a year and a half. Would love to meet some other moms, I have a pretty open schedule too.

I´ve been going to yoga works, they have great yoga classes and prenatal class on tuesdays. I don´t know if you already found another place but I think this one is really nice.

Let me know if you want to connect sometime soon.


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Also due in December!


I am also a first time mom due in December (23rd). Would love to meet up! With the holidays coming it's a stressful time and I am VERY apprehensive about how things will change after the baby is here! I should add that I also have a 10 year old step-daughter full-time, so dealing with a brand new baby (and having no idea what to do with a baby!). Plus none of my friends here in Marin have kids or are even married so I am finding myself feeling a little isolated from my old friends who will have a VERY different lifestyle!


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Also first time mom Due in April

Hi there- I'm new too and a first time mom as well. However, not due until April 13. I moved to Novato a year ago and still don't know many people in the area. We lived in San Francisco the year before and before that we had been living in NYC.

I am looking for possible birth classes, yoga classes, and considering changing my ob/midwife practice so it would be wonderful to talk to some local moms to be!

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Due in April


I hope all the moms who were delivering in December had an easy birth process and congratulations! I am due April 15 and I'm looking for other Marin moms in the area that are also due this month. I would love to go through this process with some other ladies. I would be happy to set up a meet and greet if anyone is interested in joining a group:)


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Hey just wondering if you

Hey just wondering if you still wanting to meet up with other moms, just got back from costa rica with mu 3 month old ad would love to meet other mammas. let me know.