Speech Therapy - endorsement for wonderful Speech Therapist for kids ages 2-12

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Margret Trilli
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Hello Mommies,
After many stressful and unsuccessful attempts at Speech Therapy for my son, now age 7, we finally found Rona Weintraub and the world is right again. Rona is a wonderfully warm grandma type, who is genuinely interested in the children and builds her practice around what interests them. After 2 years of trying and getting nowhere with other therapists, Rona began making progress with our son almost immediately. Its so important to get this work right. I felt compelled to pass along her information to save other children and families the heartache. Rona has been doing this for literally decades and she works with kids ages 2-12. She comes to your home which we found to be not only convenient but also key to our son's ability to open up and try. Her info is here:
Rona Weintraub

Best of luck!

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